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At Omaha Integrative Care, we offer counseling or coaching, yoga, massage, nutritional services, acupuncture, and meditation or mind / body medicine classes.

One of the things that sets Omaha Integrative Care apart is that we're the only location in the region that has all of those services under one roof.

One of the things we hear often from our clients is that when People come in, they feel like they're coming into a Sanctuary.

We're very picky about, not only who works here, but what we offer. All of the products we offer, right now, are through Pulling Down the Moon, and their products are triple-tested and the highest quality.

We really just want to help you to enjoy life to the fullest.

What is integrative care?

Integrative care combines traditional western medicine with complementary therapies such as yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, massage and counseling. A defining component to integrative care is that the complementary treatments are research-based and not meant to take the place of traditional medicine, but to support the whole person during treatment. Most importantly, integrative care is about treating the whole person and looking at all aspects of life – physical, emotional and spiritual.

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In our online store we have gathered a selection of items that we feel are the best offer for women who are trying to become pregnant. Whether you are trying "naturally" or using medical means like Invitro Fertilization (IVF), you will find what you need in our array of yoga for fertility DVDs, fertility books and many nutritional products - all chosen to support the fertility journey.
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"When people come in, they feel like they're coming into a sanctuary"

Julie tells her story about OIC

"there needs to be something for people going through this"

Omaha Integrative Care Store

Omaha Integrative Care Store
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Saturday Yoga for Fertility Class starts October 4th

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-yoga-lotus-pose-image13666993Our six-week program teaches yoga asana (postures) and breathing techniques that calm the body, nourish the reproductive organs and release anxiety and stress. In addition, this class delves into the deeper yogic teachings of meditation, visualization and the power of our thoughts and attitudes.

This course was designed by Pulling Down the Moon’s Beth Heller and Tami Quinn to meet the needs of women who are trying to conceive. The program has been offered to hundreds of women in Chicago over the last six years, and data from on-going follow-up surveys show that nearly 75% of women who take the fertility yoga program report becoming pregnant within six months of class (PDtM website).


Start now to avoid cold and flu later

Young Woman Blowing Her Nose in Bed

Are you looking for a way to boost your immune system in preparation for the upcoming cold and flu season?   Acupuncture is more likely to come to mind for pain-relief, but did you know it can be used to boost your immune system to ward off illness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been preventing and treating colds and flu successfully for thousands of years with a well-developed method of acupuncture and herbal formulas.

Acupuncture can be used as a preventative measure against colds and flu by supporting and strengthening the body’s natural resistance to disease. Chinese herbs play a huge roll in prevention and treatment of colds and flu as well.  And if you are currently suffering from a cold or flu, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help you recover more quickly.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are a drug free, natural and effective way to support the body’s immune system to prevent and recover from illnesses.  You can begin regular visits now to start building your immune system.  Ideally, several acupuncture treatments are needed for the body to respond, and then periodic visits are recommended until the cold and flu season are over.  An acupuncture treatment would involve the strategic placement of hair-fine needles onto the surface of your body.  They are virtually painless and the whole process for most is quite relaxing.  I can also supply you with an herb kit and instructions for use, which would consist of my two favorite formulas, one to combat against the cold and flu, the other for stomach type illnesses.  When properly used, I have found herbs to be superior to any options that modern medicine has to offer for warding off the common cold or flu.

Please keep acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in mind as a way to combat the common cold and flu this season.  Here are a few other tips to help keep you healthy.

  • Consume 8 – 10 glasses of water daily
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Wash your hands often
  • Limit your sugar intake  – Sugar taxes the immune system
  • Take supplements to support the immune system (Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Echinacea, Elderberry Extract, Zinc and Chinese herbs to name a few options)
  • Schedule regular acupuncture treatments to reduce stress and to support the body’s natural defense (immune) system

Contact me today to get started on your immune-boosting acupuncture regimen.



Sara Kowalik, LAc



Sara is the complete package . . . In the span of 2 months, my life has been transformed.”

003-colorSara (Kowalik, LAc)  is the compete package.  Her training and technical skills are without question.  She is an attentive listener and pays meticulous attention to detail.  After 2-3 sessions I began to notice an improvement in my health.   Once Chinese herbs were added to my treatment plan, even more improvement.  In the span of 2 months, my life has been transformed.  I look forward to monthly sessions with Sara to maintain my health and well being.  ~ Brenda C.


“. . . there is hope and support out there for those dealing with infertility.”

black and white silhouette of grass and flowers        Hi! My name is Annie Sova and I received some of your services over three years dealing with infertility. I wanted to share how much OIC has changed my life and made my dream as a mom has come true.

Omaha Integrative Care has many resources to help you deal with stresses, in my case, infertility. I was able to talk with Julie over a couple sessions, then Krystal Walenz, yoga, and the most important piece the support group. 

I can remember to this day when my husband and I went to our first infertility support group at Omaha Integrative Care. I was very nervous and when it came to introductions I made him introduce (our infertility issues), and our names. That was about three years ago! Even though it was an hour in a half it felt like ten minutes. I felt immediately at peace right and safe. There were about 6-7 ladies that would attend my group on a regular basis in the beginning. The ladies/men don’t judge…everyone is there for support, information, and it is a great way to bounce questions/ideas off other ladies. Their were women who have had, several miscarriages, no miscarriages, women who have just begun fertility treatments, all stages of treatment and diagnosis, women who may be contemplating treatments, wanting to adopt, living childfree, and just waiting(that was us). It was very emotional and plenty of kleenex to go around. I literally sat in the car with my husband and we looked at each other and couldn’t possibly understand why we had waited to attend a meeting. We felt relief and understood. 

I recall almost three years ago in December there were about seven couples at the meeting. We had to get extra chairs. One of my great friends’ (from support group) adorable mother suggested we all get together for New Years. Most of our friends had children and would likely stay home or would be busy. That New Year’s Eve, was so much fun. We ate; some of us drank, played lots of board games, and Dance Dance Dance on the Wii! It was incredible to get to know these women on a different level outside of the monthly meeting. The way the husbands bonded was critical as well.
As the meetings progressed I not only felt at peace about our struggles but as well gaining friends that would last forever.

Our moderator, at the meeting was unbelievable. Krystal, facilitated in a way that was non-threatening and everyone was able to talk. It really helped me to finally connect with women in real life who knew what I was going through. We talked mostly about our infertility, coping techniques, our feelings, dealing with friends/family stuff. As well as, how hard it is to attend baby showers, and even look down the baby aisle. It felt wonderful that I was not the only one that had those thoughts at times. We compared notes about Drs, medications, acupuncture, boundaries, and how to deal with upcoming holidays.

As the months would go on there would be fewer ladies at the meetings. This was a good thing because it meant that they were able to get pregnant or adopt. Those ladies/gentleman gave my husband and I hope that it would be “our” time eventually. At one point there were three couples including my husband and I at the meetings for a good four months. This is where our relationships grew into friendships. We went to FroYo a lot after meetings, College World Series Baseball games, and many more activities together. It was so important that Joe was able to relate to other men in similar situations. He was able to bond and form friendships with them. Without all the ladies that I met through the meetings I would not be as strong as I am today. I know for a fact we will be life long friends, and now will be able to raise our children together. I thank God daily that you ladies are in my life. I could not of gotten through these past few years without you all and the services from OIC.

Little did I know that two years ago this support group, and a wonderful friend would lead me to becoming a mother of twins through a gestational carrier!!  We all know have kids and cannot wait to have our first playdate. My intention is that this gives all couples waiting hope. I do believe it is God’s timing not ours. My dream of becoming a mother has come true. I do encourage anyone who is struggling to join your support group, and it is FREE. Please do not give up, there is hope and support out there for those dealing with infertility. I promise you will not regret it and wonder why you didn’t attend sooner.

We are grateful to Annie for sharing her story.  For our current support group schedule please click here.